It’s been 4 months since I left my past job as software engineer in a local business company to join to a bigger company with an outsourcing scheme, yes with all the downsides this has.

I really wanted to move because I found I was doing the same over and over and my schedule was so tough for develop more skills (an 11 hours workday), so when this offer popped up I said “this is my chance”.

And well, as soon I started to get interviewed for getting a project I realized how bad my skills were, I lacked a lot of english communication, I mean, the english was there, just I was not too comfident, fortunely a good friend helped me to sort this problem.

Next, and a reason why sometimes I feel some depresed is the tech skills.

I really love to develop software, from mobile apps, doing tests with API’s and creating new API’s to being part of a huge project like in my past job, and I really thought I was really good with Java.

But after my first interview was like a cold water bucket in my head, I really needed a lot of training with new technologies, algorithms, problem solving. This gave me the enough ingredients to have what it’s known as “impostor syndrome”, sometimes I think I’m not just good as I tought.

On the positive side, I have learned a lot during this 4 months, new frameworks, a lot from the JDK core, how is built from inside, serverless architecture, and a lot.. I mean A LOT of softskills.

I feel like 3 years ago when I was unemployeed, I remember to said “I JUST NEED A CHANCE TO SHOW WHAT CAN I DO!!” , so I’m still looking for a chance (I just hope I don’t get fired before the chance comes up) .