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ArrayLists: A complete review – Part 1/?

As part of my intensive Java training I got asked to review the source code of the common collections in the JDK.  I started by cloning the JDK Mercurial repository and checking the ArrayList implementation, and it’s a surprise to… Continue Reading →

Tricky Question: is java passed by reference or passed by value?

TL;DR When we pass an object (or an object “reference”) to a method we are actually passing a copy of the bits in the reference, so is passed by value This is a really really tricky question, since many people… Continue Reading →

A brief summary about Strings in Java

A String in Java, in short words, is an object that stores a sequence of characters, think on a “char array”. But doesn’t have a char array internally. Also in Java, Strings has some interesting qualities: Strings are immutable objects,… Continue Reading →

The strictfp modifier in Java

I just learned there are some (not very known) modifiers in the Java language, one in particular is called strictfp. Natively, java uses the IEE754 for the float and double values , but it can extend the the exponent range… Continue Reading →

SOLID as your design principles

One of the most important concepts that I was asked for in my last job interview was “what is SOLID?, are you familiar with the SOLID principles?”  . And this is important because SOLID stands for five principles for object… Continue Reading →

What is the difference between Struts 2 and Spring MVC?

  When you look for a MVC framework you will find there is two main candidates: Struts 2 and Spring Framework. I will not argue which is better, because both are a fit for different situations , not only technical… Continue Reading →

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